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Pictured above on the cover of Requa's book is a meeting he held in late 1991 with then Peruvian President Alberto K. Fujimori, a meeting held at the request of Fujimori in San Francisco. Immediately after this meeting tandem and joint hostilities against Requa and his company by US government agencies, allied with organized criminal elements, became apparent. Fujimori had wanted access to Requa's company files that detailed thousands of gold showings on mines and gold prospects from Alaska to Bolivia. Fujimori in particular wanted access to those geological files for use by Peruvian gold mining companies to explore and develop gold mines in Central America. Within a year and a half of this meeting, the assets of Requa's company would arbitrarily be siezed in corrupt judicial proceedings that appear to have been greatly facilitated by criminalized agents of the FBI.


"A true story and a wild conspiracy made believable by Enron, WorldCom, and the legacy of J. Edgar Hoover. It is a tale that is quite extraordinary...Requa is a terrific writer."

- Robert W.P. Cutler, MD, former Dean Stanford Medical School, and author of The Mysterious Death of Jane Stanford (Stanford University Press).

In 1991, author Stephen Requa's company, Banner International, was in control of much of the world's most valuable gold exploration data contained in the famed Requa/Herbert Hoover Files, plus two major gold mining claim groups in Nevada; and, Peruvian President Fujimori had invited Requa to meet him about these.

Those who engineered the Utah court crimes of 1993, and with them the theft of the files and all the assets of Banner International, had uniquely known that Barrick Gold had gone public on the Requas’ data; and, they knew also about the very great and larger value of the rest of the Requas’ mining data on several hundred similar mining sites from Alaska to Bolivia — where they had gathered the data over three generations for almost a century.

"How you handle the uncomfortable truths exposed in this book is up to you. But if democracy requires eternal vigilance, my fellow citizens, please absorb this encounter."

- William F. Pepper, international human rights attorney and author of  An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King

"This book is told with superlative honesty. It will frighten you, it will entertain you, and it will make you want to fight the powers that be. Prepare to have your eyes opened and take the gloves off".

- Colin Salmon, widely-acclaimed U.K. actor

"An eye-opening account of how business is actually conducted."

- John Krumboltz, co-author of Luck Is No Accident and Professsor of Psychology, Stanford University

The live two hour radio broadcast interview of Stephen Requa on October 9, 2015 has now prompted the timelines for more than a century’s great crimes all by the same ongoing interests and the need for a 2nd Edition of The Great American Gold Grab. The facts covered in the prior Home Page interview here on Requa by Countess Reya von Galen have now been enhanced with the two hour radio broadcast interview that has brought to a fore the final conclusions of this epic story surrounding the theft of the famed Requa/Hoover Files on gold mines across the hemisphere.

It is a story that began in 1917 when the founders and directors of the Federal Reserve Bank first brought soon-to-be President Herbert C. Hoover and Mark L. Requa together as then the most renowned mining engineers in the world. With over $100,000.000 million dollars spent on gold exploration by the Requas and Hoovers from 1932 until the 1980s the story of their theft in 1993, by the most criminally engineered and blatant Utah Court Frauds possible, now brings world attention not only to the evident original agenda of the Federal Reserve Bank founders and directors in bringing Requa and Hoover together in 1917, but most importantly to the 1993 theft of the Requa/Hoover Files in flagrant Utah court frauds as now to be seen as the completion of that original agenda by the bankers of that privately held bank.

The underlying agenda had been first realized already before by 1973 when one Samuel Edelman, a retired elderly jeweller in San Francisco, was brutally murdered by what is now seen as certain to have been a murder done on contract by John Paul Getty with career criminals in the FBI for the purpose of framing Stephen Requa. Their objective was to end Requa’s control of the Requa/Hoover Files at that time, after Requa had refused access to them by Getty.

But the failed framing in 1973 of Stephen Requa by John Paul Getty and criminals in the FBI has now lifted the lid on “numerous” other indicated and related murders, both then in 1973 and again in 1993, all to frame Stephen Requa and to end his control of the Requa/Hoover Files. Many billions of dollars in gold deposits were at stake — along with the long-term agenda of the Federal Reserve Bankers first seen in 1917.
The failed framing operations on Requa in both 1973 and then in 1993 with the completed theft of the Requa/Hoover Files now also bring to the fore of world attention the agendas involved in the 1905 murder of Jane Stanford, co-founder of Stanford University, and the agendas of the those who became the Federal Reserve Bankers after that murder to create the Federal Reserve Bank Act. It was fashioned by the very same fanatical eugenicists who had organized the murder of Jane Stanford who had been lead by John D. Rockefeller and Theodore Roosevelt.

The same bankers then created and financed the rise of Adolf Hitler in the 1930s. Their financing and fueling of Hitler even all through World War II now reveals the role of the Nazi War Criminals brought into the U.S. by the hundreds, most especially by Allen Dulles and John Foster Dulles. The central role of the Nazi War Criminals in the CIA as established by Allen Dulles, was also the central role of the CIA and the former Nazis in the assassination of John F. Kennedy (and of others of the 1960). This is now being conclusively evidenced by many on many fronts.

The events compellingly and exhaustively narrated first in The Great American Gold Grab as published in 2009 are now being critically condensed with its 2nd Edition so as to make these startling and historic conclusions most evident with the new facts being reported and now seen by Requa and by many other well-established investigators. These combined facts and conclusions may now be seen as the essential historical realities from the murder of Jane Stanford in 1905 until the events of 9/11.

PDF links on this page include Criminal Complaints provided to U.S. federal authorities, including that of attorney Dr. William F. Pepper.  

The vast excesses of crimes done to seize the Requa/Hoover Files -- and the impunity with which they were engaged in may now be seen in context of the overriding agenda of those doing these crimes to advance the agenda of the directors and founders of the Federal Reserve Bank as now seen from 1917 onward: to monopolize to the extent possible all the world's gold reserves and production. This also explains the crimes of many to advance that agenda with many mining companies (similar to Barrick Gold that had gone public in 1983 based on one file of the Requa/Hoover Files on the Mercur Gold Mine of Utah).

Egregious Utah judicial frauds and court room charades have now exposed the covert rule of criminal elements from inside the banking system. The criminal rule of banking networks allied with the Federal Reserve Bank is now well defined by the 1993 Utah Court Frauds and theft of the Requa/Hoover Files, with their alliances also now exposed with organized crime, and with a priority objective for the Federal Reserve banking elites since 1917 now seen: to acquire by any means possible, however criminal, an increasing monopoly and holding of gold reserves and production. Their “end game” had contemplated their fulfilment through allied major mining companies in acquiring to the extent possible of gold mining monopolies while their expected and engineered demise of the dollar proceeded.

The vast Court Room crimes in Utah conducted in 1993 and thereafter are evident in now-perfected clarity. The impunity of the criminals, both inside and outside the FBI has been their undoing. As to be seen, they had banked on Stephen Requa never surviving to tell the tale that is here narrated with a maestro’s touch— nor had the criminals banked on his surviving long enough to complete the evidence now so fully compiled here and elsewhere.

The recent Criminal Complaints now posted on this home page assuredly were never contemplated as possible by the most experienced of professional criminals involved in those crimes. Nor could they ever have imagined the pitiful follies of the amateur criminals they had retained as their accomplices, as detailed in the pdf links on this home page and in the pages of The Great American Gold Grab.

These Utah crimes from 1993 to the present have shown that this priority of intended maximum monopolization on gold holdings is now seen going back to 1917 when the directors and organizers of the Federal Reserve brought together the two most prominent mining engineers of the time. They were Herbert C. Hoover and Mark L. Requa. From them and with hundreds of millions of dollars from Fed-allied financiers from the 1930s onward, the Hoovers and Requas gathered the greatest compilation of gold mining data ever gathered for the Western Hemisphere. That data resource of the Requa/Hoover Files was then stolen in 1993 via flagrant Utah judicial chicanery now wholly evident to have been contrived by elements of the Federal Reserve banking families with evident bribery on FBI agents, courts, and on many corrupted “assets” and petty accomplices. The greatest focus for their crimes was on Stephen Requa in order to steal the Requa/Hoover Files.

From every angle from which now viewed, the courtroom charades conducted in Utah in the 1993 receivership action against Banner International in the Tyrone Medley court are increasingly seen as just that -- charades of successive legal travesties, of staged absurdities that defy comparison and are without precedent. On January 7, 2013 they were made clear as such by a renowned courtroom attorney, Dr. William F. Pepper, with his letter of January 7, 2013 to Utah U.S. Attorneys and FBI.

It had long been clear that the overriding purpose of the Utah receivership was a diversion to conduct the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files on gold mining properties from Alaska to Bolivia which had been gathered with an expenditure of over $100 million by the Herbert Hoover and Requa mining families over five decades.

Irrefutable proof had arisen by January 2013 from independent sources that these files had been taken during the Utah court frauds covertly to the law offices of Ray Quinney & Nebeker. In his letter of January 2013 Pepper stated: "The evidence clearly indicates that a continuing crime has been committed and I respectfully suggest that an investigation into this entire sordid affair be commenced at the earliest opportunity. Said investigation should properly go back to the actions of the Medley Court (the receivership)"

Pepper had also previously written this: “Subsequent to my retention in 1999 by Banner shareholders to evaluate the take-over of Banner International in 1993 and since my reporting to you in 2000 on my findings, many events have transpired, new factors have been identified, and new legal discoveries made. During these intervening years new discoveries have arisen which appear to specifically identify those interests in Utah and California who were the behind-the-scenes powers in arranging for the judicial irregularities of the 1993 Utah receivership itself in 1993, which had no basis in either legitimate insolvency law or in the requirements of due process ....Obstructions of justice and tortious interference with Stephen Requa may also be viewed as continuing acts. Civil redress aside, some of the acts may well rise to the level of criminal conduct”.

Most recently, the blockage of funds being wired weekly by a client of UBS bank to Requa in August of 2013 is now evidentiary of continuing COINTELPRO FBI/Mafia type crimes as now seen extending from their 1974 Murder of Samuel Edelman to the present. That murder comprised the effort of John Paul Getty in 1974 to frame Stephen Requa and to remove his control of the Requa/Hoover Files after Requa had denied him access to them in 1973.

Joint FBI/Mafia murders were found at that time to be routine, "across the board" by the Church Committee member Senator William Huddleston who remarked in session as follows:

“The fact that the United States Government [FBI] would call in two Mafia people to help us eliminate some guy illegally by murder because we disagreed with him was the kind of thing we were confronted with across-the-board during this investigation"

The truth of the matter is that Mafia allies of J. Edgar Hoover and oil billionaire H.L. Hunt created a web of Mafia/FBI allies who were being implanted into the FBI's COINTELPRO network to murder and "deactivate" those who posed any economic threat to their very rich "employers" or posed obstructions to their being able to steal assets and resources, such as John Paul Getty was seeking to steal from Stephen Requa and his father in 1973-1974.

Ever since the Church Committee hearings of 1976 it was there to be seen that one of the overriding purposes of the JFK murder was to put in place a network of Mafia/FBI collaborators to run the FBI’s COINTELPRO program. It was about the very rich being able to make themselves richer by whichever crimes that they sought to utilize. The FBI COINTELPRO network of FBI/Mafia allied agents was their mechanism to obstruct justice for their crimes in advancing their hold on national and world-wide resources and to conduct whatever crimes they wished. Instructive in this context is UBS' present day impunity in large financial crimes which go undeterred in the face of record billion dollar fines. Apparently, they are making enough on their financial crimes so that billion dollar fines provide no deterrent.

All the crimes designed to steal the Requa/Hoover Files derived from an agenda that was clear in the minds of the Board of Directors, founders, and allies of the Federal Reserve Bank since 1917 when they first brought Herbert Hoover and Mark L. Requa together as then the most prominent mining engineers in the world. They had a long-term objective for them that was realized by Hoover and the Requas compiling the Requa/Hoover Files. (See pdf). The $100 million plus that the Requas and Hoovers were to receive to compile those files over five decades from 1930s onward were from those allied with the Federal Reserve Bank

Their objective since 1917 was ultimately to maximize the holdings of gold reserves by those allied with the Federal Reserve. This explains the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files and the flagrant court crimes in the Medley court to accomplish it and to strip all the assets of Banner International for those who engineered these frauds and thefts. Most notably to be seen are the members in Utah of the Eccles family whose Federal Reserve ties were established by Marriner Eccles who served longest of all as Federal Reserve Chairman and who notably enhanced the independence of the Fed from the Treasury.

The point man among the Eccles family in engineering the Utah court frauds and other crimes was Frederick Quinney Lawson. The point man among the Utah FBI for engineering for the Eccles family, via COINTELPRO means of organized libel and disruption of the Banner shareholders and Requa family, was FBI Agent Collins. The point man among the Requa family for disrupting Requa family relations and generating the intense libels against Stephen Requa was Ralph Requa. The attached litigation and discovery briefs for Banner shareholders, for William Pepper, and for media clarify that the all these COINTELPRO mechanisms for FBI/Mafia engineered frauds and crimes for the very rich can no longer be maintained or concealed.
These factors in the theft of the Requa/Hoover Files became clear from the FBI fabrications of their records as ascertained first in 1974 and then in 1993. The murder of Edelman in an effort to frame Requa was Getty's response to being denied access to the R/H Files and was an effort thereby to remove Requa from controlling them. It failed, as did an indicated attempt on Requa's life as would have been necessary to complete the intended frame up.
The vast excesses of crimes done to seize the Requa/Hoover Files -- and the impunity with which they were engaged in (such as all the crimes detailed in the Utah Court Frauds of 1993 and onward), may now be seen in context of the overriding agenda of those doing these crimes to advance the agenda of the directors and founders of the Federal Reserve Bank from 1917 onward: to monopolize to the extent possible all the world's gold reserves and production. This explains the crimes of Bush and many to advance that agenda through Barrick Gold.

The Utah FBI/Court crimes of 1993 may be seen first as the culmination of the failed Getty attempt to steal the files in 1974. Clear evidence connects them. The same FBI records fabrications and the engagement of a corrupt Utah FBI agent to organize a range of COINTELPRO/FBI/Mafia libels on Requa (and just previously in California) are plainly there to be seen as classic COINTELPRO libels and fictions uniquely characteristic of COINTELPRO operations that included Mafia associates, as well evidenced in Church Committee hearings of 1974. Most essentially the Utah court frauds can be seen as the culmination of the agenda established by the directors/founders of the Federal Reserve Bank to maximize their holdings of gold reserves. This is seen in Utah by the Federal Reserve allied Eccles family whose members provided the RQN associated organization and the bribes and inducements necessary, through corrupt FBI agents, to accomplish the 1993 court frauds and R/H Files theft.

The UBS obstructions and cut-offs to weekly wires of funds being received from a UBS client were the reply of the ongoing corrupt FBI/Mafia groups who became at risk after lawyer William F. Pepper began his efforts with Utah authorities to clarify the 1993 Utah crimes. Their reply was to have cut off the funds available to Requa to pursue William Pepper's legal actions that were exposing these large Utah crimes and their criminalization of Utah courts. The key Eccles/Quinney related operative was Frederick Quinney Lawson. See the narrative link on him below and the involved Eccles family bribery to maintain the silence of the Rev. Caryl Marsh on the corrupt FBI COINTELPRO program by Agent Collins and others to manipulate her silence of the libel campaign by FBI agents against Requa:


The crimes of FBI Agent Collins are detailed in the Complaint at:

FBI Agent Collins is referred to as "Agent X".

What will connect UBS crimes in obstructing wires of one of their client's funds to Requa will be evident from further evaluations of Chapter 21 of The Great American Gold Grab: the role played by members of the Eccles/Quinney Lawson family on their control of the RQN law firm:

Frederick Quinney Lawson is to be seen as the Eccles family "point man" in organizing the corrupt FBI activities.

Origin of Fed directors and founders in establishing the Requa/Hoover association and the agenda to compile the Requa/Hoover Files may be seen as linked here: